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Frontline News. July 2019

Protecting Lives at the Health Post

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This month we are doing something a little different! Out of the health posts come many stories of the life saving impact from the health care that the ASOSAP nurses provide. This month we want to share an especially impactful true story with you. It is from the Pampacche Health Post where Nurse Alicia works. Your support of the health program contributes to good news such as this, so thank you!! Please click on the Read more link below to find out how two lives were conserved in a rural Pokomchi village, under very challenging circumstances!
Much love,
From all of us at ASOSAP

The Story of a Birth in a Temascal

The Story of a Birth in a Temascal
Giving birth in a rural indigenous community in Guatemala can be an unimaginably difficult experience. The following story is of three Pokomchi women, a pregnant woman, a traditional midwife, and a nurse who were brought together through a very challenging situation. These women showed amazing strength and fought for a positive outcome, as you will see. A 26-year-old single mother …
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