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Frontline News. February 2020

Success Stories from Medical Outreach:
The Results of Team Work in Health Care
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Just like this little one, with joy and gratefulness, this month we are sharing about the first medical outreach of the year! It is a privilege to work together and serve the Pokomchí people in health. Click the Read more link below to read about the team work involved and learn about the impact this makes. You can also see medical outreach in action through the video! Click the Watch Now button to see highlights from medical outreach.
Much love,
From all of us at ASOSAP
This end of January, a week of medical outreach was held in varying communities. All are welcome, from infants to the elderly. These medical clinics are a twice/year occurrence and everyone has their part to play to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Each one has their gifting that they offer to the team. The careful driving to and from communities, …
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Contact and Donation Info:
In the United States...
Hope of the Pokomchí
120 Belmont Drive
Auburn, CA 95603
Phone: 530-745-4248

To donate via mail, make a check out to Hope of the Pokomchí and send to the above address
In Canada...
Clearwater Christian Church
1010 School Rd, Clearwater, BC
V0E 1N2
Phone: 250-674-3222

To donate via mail, make a check out to Clearwater Christian Church and send to the above address
Your partnership is life giving, thank you for all that you do with ASOSAP!
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