Hope of the Pokomchi Prayer Letter, April 2020

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The prayer requests are directly from the ASOSAP staff in Guatemala – (left to right) Sonia, Rebekah, Glenda, Sebastian, Conzuelo, Alvaro, Bill, Linda, Nurse Alicia, Nurse Miguel, Custodian Gilberto, and Gilberto’s wife…

Please pray –
  • For God’s protection for each of us and our families
  • For our spiritual growth in these times of crisis
  • For the decision we will make regarding staff lay-offs
  • For the sale of the old pick up
  • That God would provide everything we need in this time of crisis
  • That God would provide the funds for the operating costs and salaries of the ministry
  • Protection for all of our ministry partners and supporters
  • Protection for the lives of Bill and Linda
Blessings from the ASOSAP staff

Guatemala has been in total lockdown for several weeks, including a daily curfew. The staff has limited their work, for the most part, to computers from home. They travel to the villages only for very urgent needs and only with a special legal permit. Sebastian and Alvaro so far have been working at the Shekinah Center practicing social distancing. Rebekah is quarantined in her house as some negative attitudes towards foreigners, blaming them for the corona virus, have surfaced. She goes out shopping only accompanied by one of our staff. Our 6-month volunteer, Lynette, who arrived just before the lock down is isolated in Antigua, studying Spanish on-line.
All our teams for 2020 have been canceled.
The old pickup was practically sold with a deposit paid. At the last minute the buyer backed out and demanded his deposit back. Then the lockdown happened, so the sale of the truck is still pending.

Pokomchi Staff, Bill and Linda, and the Boards of Directors – Please pray that we all continue to stay God-centered and God-powered.

We thank you for standing in the gap for the Pokomchi and this ministry.
You are vital to this ministry!
Bill, Linda, and the ASOSAP Team
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