Hope of the Pokomchi Prayer Letter, May 2020

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We ask you to join us in thanking God for the following:
  • A villager, Don Cristobal had a successful surgery for advanced prostatitis thanks to donated funds which enabled him to go to a private clinic. His case was detected during a medical outreach clinic of Drs. Michael and Beth in January.
  • Funds that were donated by the teams that had to cancel their mission trips this year. Funds donated by the Clearwater, BC. Team have enabled our guys to continue the construction of the upper retaining wall at the Shekinah Center.
These are our prayer requests that we ask you to join us in praying for:

Ongoing from the April Prayer Letter
  • For God’s protection for each of us and our families
  • For our spiritual growth in these times of crisis
  • For the sale of the old pick up
  • That God would provide everything we need in this time of crisis
  • That God would provide the funds for the operating costs and salaries of the ministry
  • Protection for all of our ministry partners and supporters
  • Protection for the lives of Bill and Linda
Requests to add to the above
  • That Glenda and Conzuelo, who have voluntarily been laid off, could start work again the beginning of June
  • That the Building My Horizon children’s program could go ahead in the next few months. This depends on the covid19 restrictions being relaxed.
  • That Baby Frander could have his long-awaited surgery. He was born with an imperforate anus and had to have a colostomy. He has undergone many evaluations and was close to having this complicated surgery, before the pandemic. He is almost 3 years old now.
Baby Frander and mom
Updates from our ASOSAP world and more things to pray about:

Cases continue to increase in Guatemala and we remain under strict lockdown including a daily curfew from 5pm- 5am. Recent statistics: total cases = 3424; deaths = 60; Recovered = 258; cases in our department of Alta Verapaz = 7, none in San Cristobal.

Our ministry
Alvaro and Sebastian – Working at Shekinah Center building the retaining wall
Rebekah – Working full time from home
Sonia – Full time in the office, as she lives right next door
Glenda and Conzuelo – Voluntarily laid off for now
Nurse Alicia – working regular hours at the Pampacche health post, providing individual health consults according to current guidelines for providing care
Nurse Miguel – Was laid off from ASOSAP but just recently started work again in La Providencia. This is due to the efforts of the leaders of La Providencia and of ASOSAP. The municipality of San Cristobal is paying a portion of his salary.
Canadian Volunteer Lynette Murray –
She arrived in Guatemala at the beginning of March and has been caught in the lockdown in Antigua ever since. She went there to study Spanish for one month before starting to work teaching English to our Building my Horizon children. Due to the continued lockdown and uncertainty, she will not be able to travel up to San Cristobal. She sees this time to learn more Spanish as a gift from God and is taking things day by day. She may teach English virtually if the program goes ahead.

Pokomchi Staff, Bill and Linda, and the Boards of Directors – Please pray that we all continue to stay God-centered and God-powered.

We thank you for standing in the gap for the Pokomchi and this ministry.
You are vital to this ministry!
Bill, Linda, and the ASOSAP Team
Contact and Donation Info:
In the United States...
Hope of the Pokomchí
120 Belmont Drive
Auburn, CA 95603
Phone: 530-745-4248

To donate via mail, make a check out to Hope of the Pokomchí and send to the above address
In Canada...
Clearwater Christian Church
1010 School Rd, Clearwater, BC
V0E 1N2
Phone: 250-674-3222

To donate via mail, make a check out to Clearwater Christian Church and send to the above address
Your partnership is life giving, thank you for all that you do with ASOSAP!
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