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GoMujeres "NO More Teens" Campaign
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We are sending you this email to let you know about a crowdfunding campaign that we are participating in through the organization HIPGive (Hispanics in Philanthropy). Funds raised will benefit the Hope of the Pokomchí health program, specifically in health education and the health posts. The specific education and medical care needed is in regard to teen pregnancies. The department of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala has a very high rate of this and locally we have seen an increase as well. It is urgent that we provide teens with sexual health education and medical care so that they can make informed decisions for their future. Want to know more about the campaign? Please click the "GOMujeres Link" button below the photo. This is also where you can donate. Any donation helps and adds up. The minimum donation is $5 US. As you can see below in the photo, this campaign is for all of March and we are in the running for a special prize. Please also consider helping us promote this campaign. Passing this email on to friends, family, & co-workers and/or speaking in person with these people could make a big difference to reaching our funding goal! At the sending of this email we are 17% funded! We thank you for your vital participation! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us (
Much love,
From all of us at ASOSAP
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Contact and Donation Info:
In the United States...
Hope of the Pokomchí
120 Belmont Drive
Auburn, CA 95603
Phone: 530-745-4248

To donate via mail, make a check out to Hope of the Pokomchí and send to the above address
In Canada...
Clearwater Christian Church
1010 School Rd, Clearwater, BC
V0E 1N2
Phone: 250-674-3222

To donate via mail, make a check out to Clearwater Christian Church and send to the above address
Your partnership is life giving, thank you for all that you do with ASOSAP!
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