Hope of the Pokomchi Prayer Letter, July 2020

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Pray for God’s protection for each of us and our families
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These are our answers to prayer that we are grateful for:
  • Families were chosen and the first deliveries of the Food Bank Project went well
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These are our prayer requests that we ask you to join us in praying for:

Ongoing from previous Prayer Letters
  • For the sale of the old pick up
  • That God would provide everything we need in this time of crisis
  • Protection for all of our ministry partners and supporters
  • Protection for the lives of Bill and Linda
  • That Baby Frander could have his long-awaited surgery.
  • For protection, strength, and provision for the pastors and chronic patients
  • Guidance for 2021 ministry planning
  • That the modified version of the Building My Horizon program would go smoothly; for patience and motivation for the parents and children as they start this education at home
  • That we would adapt well to the modified way of working within the ASOSAP new normal
New Prayer Requests
  • Continued provision, strength, and peace for the Food Bank Project recipients
Updates from our ASOSAP world and more things to pray about:

The total number of cases in Guatemala have more than doubled since our update last month. We remain under strict lockdown, including a daily curfew from 6pm- 5am and extended curfew on the weekends. Recent statistics: total cases = 29,742; deaths = 1246; Recovered = 4321; cases in our department of Alta Verapaz = 158; San Cristobal = 18 (5 currently active, 1 death)

Our ministry
Work continues at Shekinah in organizing the office. Food Bank Project deliveries were made over 4 days. We were able to increase from 100 to 150 families based on donations! Staff went house to house in various communities. Recipients were selected chronic patients, pastors, and families from infant malnutrition rescue, dental program, and community education. The August education packages for BMH are ready and will be picked up by the parents in the beginning of August.

Pokomchi Staff, Bill and Linda, the Boards of Directors, and Canadian Advisory CommitteePlease pray that we all continue to stay God-centered and God-powered.

We thank you for standing in the gap for the Pokomchi and this ministry.
You are vital to this ministry!
Bill, Linda, and the ASOSAP Team
Contact and Donation Info:
In the United States...
Hope of the Pokomchí
120 Belmont Drive
Auburn, CA 95603
Phone: 530-745-4248

To donate via mail, make a check out to Hope of the Pokomchí and send to the above address
In Canada...
Clearwater Christian Church
1010 School Rd, Clearwater, BC
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Phone: 250-674-3222

To donate via mail, make a check out to Clearwater Christian Church and send to the above address
Your partnership is life giving, thank you for all that you do with ASOSAP!
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