Hope of the Pokomchi Prayer Letter, November 2020

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Hurricane :
New prayer requests
  • Perseverance for the BMH children with the challenge of learning English
  • Funds for 2021, especially the funds needed to build water tanks for families from two communities that we are in partnership with
Ongoing requests from previous Prayer Letters
  • That God would continue to provide everything we need in this time of crisis
  • God’s continued protection for each of us and our families, Bill and Linda, and all of our ministry partners and supporters
  • That Baby Frander could have his long-awaited surgery
  • Continued protection, peace, strength, and provision for the pastors, chronic patients, and Food Bank Project recipients
  • Guidance for 2021 ministry planning
  • That the modified version of the Building My Horizon program would continue to go smoothly; for patience and motivation for the parents and children as they engage in this education at home
  • That we would continue to adapt well to the modified way of working within the ASOSAP new normal
  • Wisdom and health for Guatemala’s inhabitants and its government as some areas of the country are opening up, despite large numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths
Ongoing prayer requests from the BMH (Building My Horizon) children:

• Help in being obedient

• Health, strength, peace, and happiness for my family, friends, and teachers

• Closer relationship with God

• Protection from coronavirus

• For my studies and especially intelligence as I do my homework

• To serve Jesus well

• That I can continue learning about God’s Word

• Healing for those who are sick with this virus or another illness

• To not stray from God
Updates from our Pokomchi world and more things to pray about:

The president of Guatemala contracted coronavirus. Thankfully it was a mild case. He has recovered and is back working in public. The state of calamity has been lifted and therefore there is no longer a curfew. The border and airport have opened for international travel. Mask use remains mandatory. Coronavirus is still active in Guatemala. San Cristobal has a lower number of active cases and is at orange alert. . Recent statistics: total cases = 98,380; deaths = 3410; Recovered = 87,744; Alta Verapaz = 2416; San Cristobal = 105 (6 currently active, 4 deaths)

Pokomchi Staff, Bill and Linda, the Boards of Directors, and Canadian Advisory CommitteePlease pray that we all continue to stay God-centered and God-powered.

We thank you for standing in the gap for the Pokomchi and this ministry.
You are vital to this ministry!
Bill, Linda, and the ASOSAP Team
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Your partnership is life giving, thank you for all that you do with ASOSAP!
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