Food Bank Project

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In 2020, the COVID 19 pandemic made life even more difficult for poor rural Pokomchí families. Through our relationship with communities, ASOSAP is aware of the reality in which Pokomchí families live. In this crisis in which we are living, the need of the most vulnerable ones is a portion of daily food. In response to this, the Food Bank project was started. It provides families with monthly packages of food staples (beans, rice, pasta noodles, oil, powdered milk, sugar, and nutritional drink packages) and hygiene items. In addition, a Biblical handout is included in each package, which seeks to feed them spiritually.

The recipients of these packages are: chronic patients, pastors, widows, orphans, and participants of community/ dental health education and the infant malnutrition rescue program.

Together we can make this situation less difficult and overcome these challenges. The provision of a food package to those families who need it most, will give them hope in this current crisis.