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October 2020

The Incredible Gift of a Water Tank

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Providing clean, easily accessible water through a rainwater collection tank is an essential project of ASOSAP. This year we were able to build some, always with the family working alongside us, but many tanks are still waiting to be built. Due to COVID restrictions, teams, who not only send the funds, but also come in person to help build the tanks, have not been able to come. In 2021, we must change plans in order to continue coming alongside Pokomchí families to meet this important need. Please click the Read More link below to learn more about this and how you can be involved.
Much love,
From all of us at ASOSAP
The Incredible Gift of a Water Tank
What would we do without water? It is necessary for life. Besides hydrating our bodies, it keeps us, our clothes, and our homes clean. We need it for disinfecting our food and for cooking. Without easy access to it, life is a real struggle. Typically, in a rural Pokomchi village, easy access to sufficient, clean water is very rare. Since …

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Contact and Donation Info:
In the United States...
Hope of the Pokomchí
120 Belmont Drive
Auburn, CA 95603
Phone: 530-745-4248

To donate via mail, make a check out to Hope of the Pokomchí and send to the above address
In Canada...
Clearwater Christian Church
1010 School Rd, Clearwater, BC
V0E 1N2
Phone: 250-674-3222

To donate via mail, make a check out to Clearwater Christian Church and send to the above address
Your partnership is life giving, thank you for all that you do with ASOSAP!
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