What is PokoMaya?

PokoMaya LogoPokoMaya is our name for a Pokomchí women’s artisan cooperative that has worked in conjunction with Hope of the Pokomchí (Asociación Sakombal Pokón – ASOSAP) informally for about five years in the region of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

The goal of PokoMaya products is to provide a fair and consistent income for local artisan women while sharing the culture of the Pokomchí. The products are made from recycled materials such as soda can pull-tabs, as well as fabric used for their traditional blouses and skirts.

The logo of PokoMaya, the Monja Blanca, is the national flower of Guatemala, and can be found growing naturally in the Alta Verapaz the Pokomchí inhabit. For Guatemalans, the Monja Blanca represents peace, beauty, and art.

Meet the Artisans

Grade 6 education. Single mom.

I like selling my products because I
can afford the things I need.

Middle School Education. Single.

I enjoy being part of this group
because It has helped me feel
better about myself .

Grade 6 Education. Husband Day Laborer.

I want to keep learning … I
enjoy belonging to the group.

Grade 6 Education. Husband Subsistence Farmer.

I would like to make and sell more
products to help my family income.

Grade 2 Education. Husband Factory Worker.

Has helped me to sell my products. I
would like to learn how to sew with a
sewing machine.

Grade 6 Education. Husband Carpenter.

Has helped me financially
through buying my products.

Middle School. Single. Four Children.

Has given me work by buying
my products. Has helped me
make ends meet financially.

Middle School Education. Husband Day Laborer.

I want to continue to improve
the quality of life of my family by
making and selling products.