Building My Horizon Children’s Program


What is Building My Horizon?

Building My Horizon is an after-school program for children ages 7-12 who live in the nearby villages of Nisnic and Venecia. The program will teach and reinforce biblical values and life skills to children in this vulnerable age group.

These children are at an age where it is a great opportunity to show them how important education is and how it can transform their future.

How Important is this Program?

This project meets young children’s need to have a place that allows them to:

  • Learn about the Bible so they have the opportunity to know and receive Jesus as their Savior.
  • Develop healthy interpersonal relationships with other children.
  • Use the computer to do research for their school home work.
  • Learn English. For some it will be their second language, for others their third language.  This increases their future opportunities and access to better employment choices.

Additionally, parents of program participants have the opportunity to strengthen family relationships through parent training offered through this program.

In 2020 we will be extending the program to 7 months – May through November. This will allow children to attend the program during the month after school ends for the year.  Also, in response to the request of the children, we will implement a full Bible class, instead of the current short devotionals. Our computer class will be extended as well.

What are the Components of the Program? ….

  1. Christian Education with Values, Morals, and Ethics
  2. Occupational Training: Computer Sciences, English
  3. Environmental/Ecological Awareness
  4. Teaching Sessions for Parents regarding Biblical Parenting

What Outcomes Do We Expect?

The children will be able to tell the difference between right and wrong, decreasing their vulnerability to negative influences or behavior.

They will be able to make the best decisions for their future, achieve their dreams, and be a positive example to others.

With their new computer knowledge, they can do their own on-line homework, will not need to depend on others, and can better learn their school courses.

They learn about ecology and keeping their environments clean.

Above all, they will know God as their source of hope, and Jesus as their Savior and partner to fight against the adversities in life, which they will confront now and in their adult life.



We have a Volunteer English Instructor, a Computer Instructor, and a part-time assistant who will teach the Bible classes.

Participants: 40 children ages 7-12, boys and girls, from Nisnic and Venecia.

Parents: will pay Q50/child ($7 U.S.); will attend 3 parent activities during the 6 months.


Shekinah Education and Conference Center, San Cristobal, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala


May-Nov. 2020, one 3-hour session per week per child, boys and girls on different days

What will it cost?

We are seeking sponsorships for 40 children for this comprehensive program for 2020, at $270 per child for a 7 month session, or a $39 per month commitment for 7 months.

If you would like to sponsor a child or children, you can donate through our website or you can mail a check made to “Hope of the Pokomchi” and mail to our U.S. Office at 120 Belmont Drive, Auburn, CA  95603.

Please add the designation “Building My Horizon” on your check or on the PayPal checkout page.