Gospel Outreach

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Bible Teaching in Communities

Monthly inter-active teaching sessions to groups in villages based on the Bible. It is a 3-year progressive curriculum starting with creation and high-lighting Jesus’ death and resurrection. The role of the Holy Spirit in our lives and how to “abide” as we grow in a meaningful relationship with God are also taught. This teaching is offered to villagers with no obligations or requirements.

God’ Story Project

The Pokomchí are an oral culture and also many of the villagers are illiterate. The God’s Story is an 80-minute DVD with narration in the Pokomchí language which illustrates the whole Bible from creation to eternity. A Pokomchí pastor who is our God’s Story Promoter takes this program to villages who invite him and presents the DVD in several inter-active sessions. We supply equipment and generator.
Results: Many have either renewed their commitment to their Christian faith or accepted Jesus as their Savior.

Pastors’ Training

Pokomchí pastors, most of which pastor in remote mountain villages, are offered 4-day Bible seminars taught by volunteer pastors from North America. The goal is to better equip the local pastors, as most have had little formal theological education. These local pastors have said that, after this training, they have greater confidence and skills in their personal lives and in leading their congregations.

Pastors and Wives Couples Retreats

Every other year, local pastors and their wives come together for a 2-day spiritual retreat to be refreshed and newly inspired. It is a time for them to be “filled up” and to spend meaningful time together as a couple. Besides teaching, there are fun activities, relaxation, good food, and individual prayer ministry. Our goal is to be able to offer this annually.

“Serving with Love”

Certificate Course for Nurses and Church Leaders

This is a 3-year course with 2 all-day sessions per year. It is formally endorsed by the Guatemalan Ministry of Health and 2 local churches. The goal is to encourage participants to examine and put into practice in their personal and public lives the biblical principle of “loving and serving others as you would to yourself”.

‟I have been pastoring for many years, but now after attending these seminars, I feel as if I am coming out of a fog into clear light.”

Pedro Fortin, Pastor of the Church of God in the community of Tactic