Shekinah Education and Community Center

Significance of the name:


Shekinah is the English translation of a Hebrew word that signifies the glory, radiance, or presence of God. It is derived from the Hebrew verb that means to dwell or reside. Shekinah Center was built to be a place where the glory of God dwells. This glory is seen and His presence is felt as He works in the midst of various activities held at the center.

The Vision for the Center

To establish a place of high academic achievement and learning, always based on and related to biblical principles. We also seek to promote and encourage Pokomchí individuals and families to encounter a personal relationship with Jesus and thus live in the hope that faith in Him provides. To encourage them to know and continue to learn what it is that God expects of us based on His Word.

To strengthen the capacities of children, youth, women and all adults, with the goal of empowering them to develop into the Christ- centered people who love, serve, and bring glory to God in all that they do.

By having this center, well equipped, we offer workshops, training sessions, and conferences to the Pokomchí. We also hope to generate income for the ministry of ASOSAP by renting it out to churches and other groups.

Activities that take place at ShekinahPokoMaya artisan group training and working

  • Pastors’ training seminars
  • Certificate course entitled “Serving with Love”
  • Spiritual retreats and conferences
  • English classes
  • PokoMaya artisan group training and working
  • Room and board for young people and pastors from remote rural communities
  • Rent out to local churches and other groups
  • Building My Horizon children’s program
  • Couples conference
  • Special events for Community Education participants
  • Programs that empower and educate

Shekinah Center Quick-Facts

  • The center was built with prize money that ASOSAP won in 2013 in a Guatemala-wide competition
  • Entering the competition and winning the prize was due to the initiative and effort of ASOSAP’s Pokomchí staff
  • The center is located on 2 peaceful, treed acres close to a lake
  • Has a large salon for 80 people, 2 dorms with a total 32-person capacity, a large kitchen/utility area, storeroom, fully-equipped indoor bathroom and shower facilities, outside kitchen, storage, and bathroom facility
  • 1 hand dug well and 1 machine drilled well provide water for the facility
  • Has an on-site custodian couple for maintenance and security

Shekinah Center Financial Needs

Furnishing and Equipping the center

56% of funds have already been donated; we still need 44% to complete – contact us to find out how you can help us fully equip the center and be able to host more people there!

Future Project –  Upper Salon

Upper Level EventOur current salon space is not sufficient enough to hold very large groups and conferences. The next project for Shekinah is the building of a 300-person salon. This will allow ASOSAP to educate more people, rent out the salon to large groups, and host special events while still having space in the lower salon for ongoing programs at Shekinah. There is land above the retaining wall almost ready for a new salon! Funding and teams are needed to make this dream a reality! Contact us to partner with us in this area.

The Shekinah Center Story