Education and Empowerment

In-Service Education for our Nurses

A physician from the U.S. spends one month in Guatemala annually, working with, mentoring, and teaching our nurses. Result: Our nurses have above average abilities and knowledge to attend their patients.

Community Education and Women’s Empowerment

Monthly inter-active teaching sessions in the villages focusing on truths of the Bible, especially the biblical view of the role and value of women as individuals, mothers, and members of their society.

Results: Increased self-esteem and confidence in women, improved well-being of families and individuals, and raised awareness and acceptance of biblical truths.


Qualified young men and women from remote villages, up to two at a time, are given scholarships to study a career. Typical careers that have been attained are nursing, natural resources technician, and accounting. We endeavor to help the graduate obtain employment after graduating. Typically, the challenges to higher education for young people from remote areas are almost insurmountable. The average student in a village does well to graduate from sixth grade.

Shekinah Center – Workshop and Conferences

Opened in 2015, the the Shekinah Center has a building equipped with salon, kitchen, and dormitories to host formal workshops and conferences for diverse groups. It is situated in a peaceful, picturesque wooded setting which is ideal for retreats of all kinds. Events that have been held there are village women’s conference, on-going 3-year course for nurses and church leaders. It also billets visiting ministry partners.
the Shekinah Center