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Make a Donation You can support the day to day operations of Hope of the Pokomchí by making a financial contribution.  Your...
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Vehicle Maintenance

0% Donated/$1,999 To Go
Estimated maintenance service costs for ASOSAP’s Toyota Hilux 2012 pickup truck
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Retaining Wall #1 of 2 for Shekinah Center

0% Donated/$15,500 To Go
Needed to eliminate erosion caused by rain and wind and that jeopardizes the building. Dimensions are 13.25 ft. x 190.25 ft. The...
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Shekinah Conference Center

44% Donated/$10,370 To Go
Although it has been partially equipped and furnished through donations, are still 44% short of what is needed. In the meantime, items...
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ASOSAP Staff Retention

88% Donated/$3,449 To Go
The 6-person ASOSAP staff has become so educated, skilled, and empowered that this needs to be recognized financially. Another real factor is...
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Infant Malnutrition Rescue

79% Donated/$1,000 To Go
Formula supplements to prevent babies from dying due to severe malnutrition. Infant receives supplement for up to 1 year. Average number of...
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Health Post – La Providencia

50% Donated/$6,500 To Go
Offers free medical attention to 4000 rural Pokomchí. We pay for the salary of the nurse, and all the medicines. Annual Cost...
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