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Latest Front Line News: Building My Horizon and Circle of Pregnancy

The Beat Goes On in ASOSAP

Building My Horizon

This past Sunday, August 27, the children presented a program to their parents showing them what they have learned.

What have mothers said about their “HORIZON KIDS”?

·They learned the Bible verses and repeated them to their parents at home
·They are very excited about the radish, carrots, and Swiss chard seeds that they planted
·They learned about traffic signs and general road safety
·They are more punctual and responsible in doing their school homework
·They have desires to learn and continue with their schooling
·They are sharing the Gospel with the family and urging their parents that they all need to go to church
·They help at home; respect and greet those older than them

·They are responsible with their murals
·They learned to bake banana bread and this has motivated them to want to learn other recipes.
·They urge their parents that they need to tell the truth, not use swear words, and speak to others in a respectful and friendly manner

Circle of Pregnancy

ASOSAP just broke the mold!

Traditionally, pregnant women in the villages have been the sole recipients of pregnancy education and have been expected to take the brunt of childbearing and child-rearing. We just started a new trend which includes the husbands together with the wives learning about what role the husband should take when the baby comes. It’s not just women’s work, guys!


Husbands that attended said that no one had ever included them before and they really appreciated that. They said that it has opened their eyes.

A few days after the session one of the women went into labor. Her husband was right by her side during labor and helped with the baby after it was born. This is revolutionary!

We hope you have enjoyed our latest update! Thank you for your continued partnership with ASOSAP!