News from the Edge

¨Drilling the Well at Shekinah Center¨

Psalm 105: 1,41

Give praise to the Lord, proclaim His name, make known among the nations

what He has done. He opened the rock, and water gushed out;

it flowed like a river in the desert.

September 9th, God blessed us with the visit of Bob Kornegay (a missionary who runs Servants Hearts Ministries in San Lucas Sacatepequez, near Guatemala). He has a big heart, and by coming to San Cristóbal, he gave us an opportunity to see if there is water in ASOSAP’s land at Shekinah Center. As he came from far away, he stayed at Shekinah Centre. During the first night there, God spoke to him through a dream and said that at 120 feet he would encounter water. On the next day, the second day of well digging work, he prayed and took out 24 pipes that were needed to dig to 120 feet. Then he shared the dream with the team from ASOSAP who were there working. Everyone continued working, believing that God would provide water at 120 feet. It took 9 days of very hard work, but in the end, water was found exactly at 120 feet. We are grateful for Bob’s faithful work and leadership of the ASOSAP team that worked alongside him to complete the task. We are thankful for Servants Hearts Ministries’ for all the work and generosity in donating 50% of the tubing needed for the well. Thank you to all those who supported and prayed for this project. Most importantly thank you to God for providing us with water.