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An Amazing Year for Building My Horizon

We thank you for your prayers and financial gifts that greatly contributed to BMH. Children and parents have been empowered in many ways.

Learning Life Skills:

Computer Science–

  • Beginner and Novice groups
  • Hands-on learning
  • Results: they can research topics, download content, print off school homework
  • Impact: Public school classes are partially at-home on-line classes, so this enabled them to be well-prepared and to excel

English and Bible learning –

  • More interactive this year, using crafts and games
  • Results: shy kids started speaking English and sharing during Bible classes; kids displayed more confidence
  • Bible Topics that stood out to them: Jesus is their defender, they are not alone, Jesus is alive


This is what one of the boys had to say:

“I’m 9 years old. This is my first year being part of Building My Horizon. I like coming here. I like getting together with other children. I have two brothers, but they’re my half-brothers and sometimes they don’t take much notice of me.

I really miss my mother. She abandoned me when I was a baby. My father says that she just left one night. Then my father left the country to find work, and I was left alone. I feel very happy coming to the BMH classes because I feel a peace that I don’t experience at home. The Bible topics I learned about have helped me to not feel alone. Also, to not be scared when I am alone, because I know that I have a God who takes care of me. Thank you for the opportunity that you have given me to attend the English and Computer Science classes.”

We are overjoyed that this boy experienced this. He is not the only one. The other children also encountered God at BMH. That is one of the huge reasons we run BMH.

Baking Class and Children’s Day Activity:

Celebrating Children’s Day –

  • They had games, snacks, and pizza
  • Each child received a personalized mug that said “You are God’s Treasure”
  • Result: They felt loved and had a memorable time

Baking Class –

  • They learned how to make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting
  • Each child made and decorated 12 cupcakes and took them home to their families
  • Results: the children were excited and motivated to learn a new skill; they were filled with joy and proud of their accomplishment
  • More Results: two of the older children started making cupcakes at home and selling them; they dream of becoming bakers one day; they want to help with the family income


Parents’ Education:

The parents were taught by a Pastor/ Family Psychologist. This is some of their very practical learning:

 Financial Planning:

  • How to make a monthly budget
  • Shifting the focus from viewing money as the problem, to viewing how one lets a financial situation affect one as the problem
  • How to maintain good communication as a couple regarding a financial situation

Conflict Resolution:

  • Men and Women are different, but have the same value before God
  • Every day you deal with problems and fights, but how you deal with them is the key to a healthy relationship
  • How to disagree/ discuss without hurting one another

Parents now have tools to improve their finances and relationship, create a healthy home environment, and empower their children through sharing this knowledge.

This is what a BMH father gained from the education:

“I have learned something new for our home, that talking about our differences or problems without hurting one another is key, so that our children can develop well. About finances, I have learned that teaching our children about saving and being responsible is a tool for their future. As a couple, we have made mistakes, but this education teaches us to improve and change, to do something better and implement new things that will improve our relationship and financial situation.”

Soap, Shampoo, and Cleaning Products Workshop

Soap, Shampoo, and Cleaning Products Workshop

  • It was a collaboration between ASOSAP and a Guatemalan vocational training institute
  • Twenty women took part and successfully completed the training course
  • They learned how to make 9 different products that they can sell to help with the family income
  • Eight of the women are already making and selling their products

We praise God for all that He has enabled us to accomplish!