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Through Improved Cook Stoves and Water Filters

22 families received these two life giving projects thanks to generous donations! 22 families received these two life giving projects thanks to generous donations!

Community Profile

– Unique village with a mixture of three ethnic groups: Pokomchi, Achi, and Latino

– Population: 595

– Families: 120

– Houses: 104

– In partnership with ASOSAP since: 2013

– 38 families are currently waiting for improved cook stoves and water filters

ASOSAP has continued working with this community and addressing challenges that exist. One being the open cooking fires in homes, which means that there is a high incidence of respiratory illness. There is an average of 10 of these illnesses treated a month, 5 of which lead to Pneumonia. Children are especially vulnerable to this. These cooking fires also require a large amount of firewood, which is an economical strain on the family. The good news that that something can be done and the people of Rosario Italia are very open to this. Improved wood cook stoves have a pipe that directs the smoke outside of the home, reducing respiratory illnesses. They also use 60% less fire wood than open cooking fires or traditional wood stoves. This greatly lifts the financial burden families have regarding buying firewood.

Another challenge is contaminated water. It was discovered that there are high levels of bacteria in the piped water supply system for the community. These bacteria cause high rates of intestinal illnesses. Through a simple water filtration system, bacteria are eliminated and incidences of diarrhea are reduced by 60-70%. Rosario Italia was also in favor of this project.

With the needed donations ASOSAP could implement the plans for improved cook stoves and water filters…

The wood burning cook stoves and water filters were installed in early September. ASOSAP staff, benefiting families, and law students who were volunteering with ASOSAP participated with this. With this great team, they finished in 2 days! Both companies (Eco Comal – wood stoves and EcoFiltro – water filters), who the projects were purchased from, are Guatemalan companies committed to the welfare of Guatemalan people. ASOSAP staff and a representative from Eco Comal worked together and gave a presentation on the use and maintenance of the cook stoves and water filters. The teaching was also reinforced on an individual basis with families. It was an all-around great partnership!

Community Partnership

As ASOSAP works in partnership with communities there were conditions to qualify and receive these projects. Families had to meet the following requirements:

-attend ASOSAP Bible and health education sessions

-be active in their community

-pay 6% of the total project costs (150Q/ $20 US)

– attend the training sessions

-commit to use and maintain their projects responsibly, as taught

– be an example of good use of the projects, share this knowledge with others, and allow other community members to practice using the projects

Families were very happy to receive these projects and we know that these projects will positively impact their lives. Families who struggled before to find money to buy firewood, will benefit from not needing to buy as much firewood. We also look forward to seeing families leading healthier lives as they have access to clean water, reducing intestinal illness, and cook stoves that reduce respiratory illness through not having smoke in the home.

How You Can Help

ASOSAP plans to partner with 38 more families who are in need of these projects, and we need your assistance to do this. To provide one family with a stove and water filter costs $300 US. Please prayerfully consider donating, we would so appreciate it!

Thank you to everyone who donated to allow 22 families to receive this project! Also, thank you for keeping ASOSAP in your prayers! We look forward to seeing how God works in Rosario Italia and sharing more about this with you!

Love and blessings from everyone at ASOSAP