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Pampacche Health Post Story, October 2016

Nurse Alicia reports:

On October 20th a 35-year-old woman who was 6 months pregnant came to the Health Post. She had had 3 previous C-sections.

Her chief complaint was that she had started having labor-like pains and had some slightly bloody vaginal discharge. On examination her vital signs were normal but it appeared she was going into premature labor and was in danger of having a miscarriage.

I contacted the village Health Commission who organized a transfer to the local hospital by means of a private vehicle. At the local hospital, after evaluation, she was transferred to the big hospital in the nearby city of Cobán.  There she was kept for over a week under observation and on strict bed rest. She was then discharged home to the village with instructions to stay on strict bed rest.

I am supervising the patient’s status on a regular basis with the goal of ensuring that she carries the pregnancy to full term. The patient is very thankful for the support and care she is receiving.

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