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Rosario Italia Health Post Story, October 2016

Nurse Juan Emilio reports:

On October 25th a 3-year-old boy was brought to the Health Post by his mother. He was gravely ill, practically unconscious. On examination, he had a fever, cough, noisy, difficult respirations and was blue around the mouth. My diagnosis was severe pneumonia.

I gave him medicine to bring the fever down, gave him a nebulizer treatment, and kept him under observation at the Health Post. After one hour his condition was improved.

I then started him on strong oral antibiotics and sent him home, giving his mother firm instructions to follow the dosage exactly. I advised the mother that if her son did not continue to improve, he would have to be transferred to the hospital in the city of Cobán.

I did home visits daily to monitor the condition of the patient and 5 days later the boy was completely recovered with no trace of pneumonia. The mother was very grateful for the medical attention stating that she had not wanted to take her son to the hospital because there the patients are not attended very well and they have no medicine. This is why she had brought him to the Health Post.




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