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A New Year for Building My Horizon!

“What we are learning is important for our futures” – BMH Child Participant

Building My Horizon (BMH) is in its third year!

This year we are focusing on three educational areas: Bible, English, and Computer Science. It is an awesome opportunity to teach and influence children from the villages of Nisnic and Venecia; many of whom are from low income families and wouldn’t otherwise have this education available to them.

Once/week, the children are receiving either English class or Computer Science & Bible class. During each 2.5 hour English class there are 10 students and this same class runs for 4 days (Monday-Thursday) so that each child receives the education. The student groups are split between boys and girls, with children from the two communities and varying ages (7-12) in each class.

Our Canadian volunteer, Lynette Murray, is teaching them. In 2017 she was a vital part of the first year of BMH and we are excited to have her back! She presents and teaches the topic and then has the children come up front and practice. They are being pushed out of their comfort zones in speaking English, which is a very good thing! Through songs, games, and crafts they are learning and having fun. They also practice writing and have homework sheets. It is a well-thought-out and organized curriculum that ASOSAP staff created.

Lynette comments that the children are enthusiastic to learn and all work really hard, especially on their homework.  They also use the English phrases that they are learning during class and outside class when they encounter her in the community. She also has noticed that, at first, the children were really shy, timid, and quite hesitant to speak English. Now they speak up without problem, a sure sign that their confidence is increasing.

Learning English opens many windows of opportunity for these children. As English is such a global language, they are preparing for a future with improved job and educational prospects.

Likewise, Computer Science class is very beneficial.  Through these two classes they can be equipped to handle their education’s daily demands in technology and bilingual education.

Sonia is teaching the Bible and Computer Science classes and is connecting well with the students and making the learning fun for them. The format of the classes is similar to the English classes, except the class sizes are smaller (5 students) to allow for more one-on-one time. Most of these children do not have computers in their homes or schools and even computer basics is new information. The class starts with prayer, then they sing a worship song, and head to the devotional area to learn from God’s Word.

They are learning about practicing values that honor God, through Bible stories.  This Bible education time allows the children to differentiate clearly between good and bad, and to choose to follow Jesus, growing in relationship with God and reaching out to love others. Some of the children have said that they are teaching the Bible verses to their classmates, are sharing what they are learning with friends, are being kind with others, and building friendships with others.  This demonstrates obedience to the crucial command of loving God above all and loving your neighbor.

After Bible time, it’s on to learning about computers. It is inspiring and encouraging to see the children becoming more comfortable with the operation of the computer!

Overall, the goal is that the children would be agents of change amongst their families, friends, classmates, and in their generation in general.  Also, that they would be able to confront life’s daily challenges through dependence on God. We believe that that they are on their way to doing this.

They themselves realize the importance of this learning and have said: “I am learning more and can teach others what I am learning”, “I am learning lots and I am focusing on this”, “I learn more every day and we have to keep moving forward for our futures”, “In class we are learning things that we need to learn”, and “I am learning here and learning interests me”.

We are so thankful for your financial donations and prayer that make this program possible!  We ask you to continue praying for the children and BMH teachers as the program continues until the end of October.