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Building My Horizon’s Third Year – The Joy of Watching Children Learn and Grow!

BMH children in costume during the year end activity

Building My Horizon (BMH) had another successful year! God used your prayers and financial support to work in the lives of Pokomchi children and their families. Please join with us as we take a look as this program and make plans for BMH in 2020!

BMH stepped into new territory this year with English classes for the children. It has been an amazing opportunity for them. They received 35 hours of basic English classes and had opportunities to practice what they learned with visiting teams. Learning a new language is hard, so reinforcement and continued practice is needed. We are committed to continue teaching English in 2020!

A BMH mother explains how the program in general, specifically the English classes, have made changes in her son’s life:

“We know that the project educates about values and above all with Christian bases. Every week my son is excited to go to class. My son is motivated to learn what they teach at class through the attention he receives there.

My son also has done better at school this year; last year my sons English teacher told us that he was having a hard timing learning English. She insisted that I help him go over the words. As I dont have any knowledge about English, I unfortunately couldnt help him. The English classes he has received this year have strengthened his understanding of English. His teacher now congratulates him because he has improved.

The Bible classes also helped him to learn how to classify what are Bible chapters and verses. Every time he goes to church, he brings his Bible and he has had a few opportunities to go in front of the church and read the Bible passage.

I am grateful to each sponsor that does what they can to support all the children who attend the Building My Horizon project.”

As you can see the English has made a big impact and the Bible classes did as well. They prayed together and worshipped God through songs. Through Bible stories, they learned about God and being in relationship with Him. They have become aware of their own sins and see Jesus as their Savior and the example to follow. 6 of them rededicated their lives to God!

Two mothers share how the Bible classes have affected their children and family:

“Through the Bible devotionals, my son has learned about what is bad and what is good, as represented through the 10 commandments and the story of Cain and Abel.”

I am very content to have my daughter attending classes. She always shares what she learns in class with her siblings. She encourages us to spend time with God and go to church. She encourages her siblings to be responsible and make education a priority. As parents, we are so grateful because the project provides an opportunity to change the lives of children who live in rural areas. It gives them tools to develop their abilities at an early age through Bible education and learning about how to run a computer and learn a new language.”

The Computer Science classes also made a huge impact. Learning how to run a computer and the key programs allows the children to be current with technology and opens possibilities for successful futures. One mother explains this:

“The project has instilled a dream of a different future in my son. The Computer Sciences education has awoken in him the desire to continue studying. In the future he wants to discover more about technology and wants to be an architect that designs home plans. God has allowed the project to be a means to rescue young children from falling into bad paths.”

We ended this year with a parent/ child activity. The children were able to share some of what they learned. It also was time to have fun together, celebrate a great year, and have a special bonding time between the parents and children. Parents and children could also indicate if they wished to continue next year and many want to continue next year!

In 2020 we will be extending the program for an additional month after school lets out (7 months total). In response to the request of the children, we will implement a full Bible class, instead of short devotionals. Our computer class will be extended and we will continue with English class as well. We need your assistance to make these plans a reality!

Will you help us build a child’s horizon?

When you sponsor a child for Building My Horizon, you bring them the opportunity to:

    • tell the difference between right and wrong, decreasing their vulnerability to negative influences or behavior.
    • make the best decisions for their future, achieve their dreams, and be a positive example to others.
    • with their new computer knowledge, do their own on-line homework and better learn in school without having to depend on others.
    • develop healthy interpersonal relationships with other children.
    • learn English, increasing their future opportunities to access better employment choices.
    • Above all, they will know God as their source of hope, and Jesus as their Savior and partner to fight against the adversities in life, which they will confront now and in their adult life.

You can sponsor a child or children for just $270 (US$) each for the 7-month program; or make a monthly commitment of $39 for 7 months. Donations gratefully accepted via PayPal at this link:

or by sending a check to our U.S. office at:

120 Belmont Drive, Auburn, CA 95603

Please specify that your donation is for child sponsorship