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DonorSee: A New Way to Partner With the Pokomchí

You may have seen our DonorSee Project videos on Facebook and Instagram or maybe this is your first time hearing about DonorSee. Here’s your chance to find out more!

As the Donor See website states: DonorSee is an online support network for the world’s poorest. They value trust, transparency, storytelling, and human connection. DonorSee works with vetted, on-the-ground partners. DonorSee partners with organizations that have decades of experience serving their local communities. Partners upload videos showing local needs and you, as a donor, receive a video update showing how your money helped. You not only get assurance that your money is working, but you also get to share in the joy you create with your generosity (info from DonorSee website). If you want to hear how DonorSee started through the founder’s personal experience of volunteering in Malawi, Africa, click on the link below and then on the “Read Our Story” tab. It shows the heart of DonorSee and their staff.

This aligns perfectly with Hope of the Pokomchí. We first heard of DonorSee this April, through another local organization who is partnering with them. We applied and quickly were interviewed. It’s quite the process to be accepted as a DonorSee partner, but by early May we were officially made a DonorSee partner. This offered us a new way to continue partnering with the Pokomchí people. Through DonorSee, we are able to meet the needs of individuals and families who are part of our current programs. We can focus on those with urgent needs.

DonorSee has also been a great way for new people to get to know the Pokomchí, Hope of the Pokomchí, and how we work. Since DonorSee is online and available for anyone to see, they connect us with new donors. We’ve had many people donate who had never heard of Hope the Pokomchí before. How exciting to be introducing people around the world to the Pokomchí!

Since starting with DonorSee we have posted 42 projects that benefit Pokomchi individuals and families. To date, 36 of them have been funded and 6 are currently open. The amount of $13,271 has been raised. We have been blown away by the support!

Through DonorSee and generous donors we worked with the Pokomchí people in various ways. For example, 4 water tanks and 1 latrine were built for Pokomchí families who live in our partner villages. Normally teams would support and build these projects, but due to the pandemic we haven’t been able to have teams. Three improved wood stoves and 2 bedframes/ table and chair sets were built for landslide survivors in New Queja. Two children suffering from malnutrition in New Queja were supported with nutritional supplementation for 6 months. A PokoMaya artisan who was starting life in a new home received an improved wood cook stove, a sink, and boards to replace the cloth walls of her house. All of this helped create a safe home environment for her and her family.  Six children have been sponsored for Building My Horizon in 2022. Donors also helped a blind man from a partner village continue to earn a living and provide tortillas for his community through a water cistern for his corn grinder. These are just a few of the ways DonorSee is working to continue blessing the Pokomchí people.

We’d love you to partner with us. You can do that through donating to one of our 6 open projects. For example, you can help us gift the Building My Horizon children with a special Christmas meal and program. You could empower a young Pokomchí woman to keep studying through the purchase of a laptop. Every amount, no matter how small, adds up. Check them out here:

If you are able to donate, we would so appreciate a review as well. After donating you can go to the review section on our page and leave a review. This boosts are credibility among donors. We currently have 5 written reviews and the next goal is at least 10 written reviews.

We are always looking for followers as well. Followers allow our projects to be seen by more people. You can follow us through this link. It’s a free way to support us!

We look forward to having you join us through our DonorSee partnership. It is a rewarding new way you can enter into the lives of the Pokomchí people. We are always posting more projects, so please keep an eye out. We thank you for your continued support of Hope of the Pokomchí!