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Empowering and Spreading Joy Through DonorSee


We hope you are familiar with DonorSee, but if not, here’s a little recap.

  • Their motto in a nutshell: You get to “see the difference you make”.
  • Their premise is simple: We and many other organizations post a video on their website which shows a need of an individual, family, or large group. Anyone around the world can then donate to this project and join in meeting this need. When the project is funded, we fulfill the need. Then we post video of the completed project.
  • Many different needs are met but the result is always the same – joy, thanksgiving, and improved lives.

Let’s have a look at some of these stories.

Adela and family before having a water tank

Adela and her family who live in the remote village of Pansimaj received a water tank. Prior to that, she had to make seven trips to the village well to collect enough water to wash clothes and dishes, cook, clean, and for drinking water. The trail from her home is steep, rocky, and muddy. It took half a day. It was exhausting! That has now ended.

With a water tank just outside her home, she can wash her dishes and clothes at the built-in sink on her water tank. She can easily have an abundance of water for drinking and for cleaning. She has more time and energy to invest in her family. She is thrilled! It is hard for us to imagine how powerfully this has impacted her family!

Pure happiness with her water tank

In New Queja, families lost everything in the landslide and were rebuilding their lives. One thing they needed was improved cook stoves. Before having a stove, they had to cook their meals over an open fire on the ground, one pot at a time. The smoke irritated their eyes and lungs as meals were slowly cooked. The open fire was a hazard for children and adults, due to the potential of falling into the fire and getting burned. They also had to struggle to collect or pay for wood to cook their meals. 

Improved stoves are comfortable to use, have room for multiple pots, direct smoke out of a home with a chimney, and use less wood. When Matilde and her husband, Augusto, received their stove, their lives became healthier and happier. They smiled openly as they gave thanks for their stove.

Here’s what they told us:


“You live far away from us, but you have sent your help to this small corner of Guatemala. Thank you so much for supporting us.”


“Thank you for giving me this joy of having a stove in my home. I’m not able to give you anything in return. It is God who will help you. Thank you to everyone who donated. I don’t know your names, but I am so grateful.”

To date, $46,274 has been raised and 151 projects have been funded!

Here are more examples of the help we have given people through our partnership with DonorSee:

  • Village of San Lucas – Thirteen families received water filters>>clean drinking water and fewer intestinal illnesses
  • Building My Horizon Children’s Program – Thirteen children received backpacks, school supplies, and shoes -items that the parents couldn’t afford
  • Building My Horizon Children’s Program – Five children received scholarships to cover the small tuition >>they were able to keep attending the classes
  • Village of Pansimaj – Ten families received fruit trees>> they can have access to healthy food for generations
  • Nurse Miguel and two nurse co-workers – received new, sturdy backpacks, replacing their old, worn backpacks>> they can continue to do medical outreach to remote villages and carry much needed supplies
  • Mothers of BMH children – Six received scholarships to attend a soap and shampoo making workshop with us>> they can have an income for their family and be empowered
  • Our two health posts – Improvements were made to their infrastructure>>more efficient, comfortable health care provided

We look forward to continuing this partnership with DonorSee and seeing how God continues to provide.  Your participation is vital!

If you are not already part of this team, here is how you can be:

  • You can Follow Us on the DonorSee website>> Go to our page on DonorSee: Click the Follow Button underneath our picture. This ensures you stay up to date with us; more followers means that more people see our projects.
  • Donate to our projects on the website – if you are able.

 Here are three of the thirteen projects we currently have posted:


Finally, once you have donated, you can leave us a Review on the website. This really helps us as new donors who don’t know us see these reviews and have confidence in working with us.

We thank you for all that you do to come alongside the Pokomchi people and see them thrive! We couldn’t do this without you!