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July 2023 Newsletter on Building My Horizon: Heroes of the Faith

Building My Horizon started its 7th year this June! We are excited to continue having an impact in many young lives. We are glad to have you with us in this. So, let’s delve more into the BMH world.

“I like to come to class because we learn God’s word, about technology, and we learn English that will be useful for us in the future.” BMH Student


During each 2-hour lesson they learn about two heroes of the faith from the Bible. They get into God’s word to do this and are challenged to learn two memory verses. They sing songs related to the lesson and do fun and interactive crafts and activities from their Bible workbooks. We prepare this class with lots of love, and prayers that these children would grow in their faith.

The first class they learned about Zacchaeus and Paul (formerly Saul). These men were radically changed by God. It was clear that God had big plans for them, just as He does for these children. The kids learned that God has everything under control; that He loves us so much and seeks us out. He calls us out through difficult situations such as sickness and family problems. He calls us to repent from our sins, just as he did with Zacchaeus and Paul. When we do, He forgives us and gives us new life. The children were encouraged to do this and see how God works in their lives.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost” (Luke 19:10). This is the first Bible verse that they learned. They are getting in the habit of excitedly rushing to their feet and sharing their Bible verse with the whole class when asked to by their teachers (Glenda and Conzuelo).

They also learned about the Roman solider who believed Jesus could heal his servant by just speaking. Jesus saw his great faith and the servant was healed from afar by His words. The children were reminded of God’s love and faithfulness through this lesson and the Bible memory verse: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28).

With Naaman, an army leader, the kids also learned that God can use bad things for good purposes. Naaman suffered greatly with leprosy. He sought out healing from God’s prophet Elisha. He had faith that God could cure him and He did. After that Naaman knew that there was no other God in the world, except the God of Israel. From this time of pain, he came to know God!

The children were reminded to not lose faith; that God will guide them and lead them through any difficult situation in their lives, just like He did with these heroes. They were told that through praying, reading their Bible, and going to church they can cultivate their faith. We invite you to pray along us as they are introduced to more heroes of the faith and encounter God.


BMH student sharing about English class:

“We learn new words and phrases in English that will help us have a good job in the future and be able to speak with foreigners.”

This year we have 22 children in our beginners’ group. Most of them are attending BMH for the very first time. A few are children who started last year who need a little more time in this group. There are 18 in the novice group, who are continuing to build on what they’ve learned.

Each class is designed to be as interactive as possible so that the children are learning through play. They really enjoy a chance to get out of their seats and participate in a game. They continue to have their workbooks where they have an additional chance to practice and reinforce what they’re learning.

Something new for this year is a second class just to practice what they learned in their first introduction class. They will have special activities, such as a spelling bee, creative worksheets to work on, and one- on- one time with their teacher (Rebekah). This individual time is so important to nurture confidence in speaking English. We are excited to offer this class and see the children learn English more effectively!

Computer Science:

The same beginner and novice groups that apply to English, also apply to Computer Science. This class is very practical and continues to be a favorite for children. Their teacher (Sonia) enjoys seeing the new students come out of their shells as they gain confidence using the computer.

With the novice group they have new topics this year, such as Excel and PowerPoint. This increases their capacities in using the computer. With Excel they can make calculations, do data analysis, and make graphs, and charts. With PowerPoint they can make polished presentations. The goal is that they would explore their abilities and keep on learning and growing. Things they may have not felt capable in doing, end up being something achievable. How amazing that they are gaining confidence and skills like this!

We look forward to updating you again further along in the year. Your prayers are valued as each child gains intellectual and spiritual experience and knowledge.