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Pastor Conference

Pastor Conference

My Worldview Tweaked – Ouch!

“How would you apply the topics you were taught, to your church and your leadership?”

This was one of the questions that a group of Pokomchi pastors were asked at the end of their four-day training session in September. I helped decide what questions we should include on the evaluation form where this question appeared. I might even have been the person who suggested it!

I automatically expected answers like, “I’ll organize a committee”, or “I’ll put it on the agenda for the next meeting”, or “I’ll plan a six-week training course”.

How did the Pokomchi pastors respond? Here are some of their answers: “I will be a good example.” “With all my heart.” “With humility.” With love and patience.”

Whoa! When I read these, I felt very humbled, and even a little ashamed of myself. Of course, I would like to go through life being a good example, with humility, love, and patience towards everyone and in each circumstance.

Hmmmm… Why were my expectations so different from those of the Pokomchi pastors? The key, I realized, is WORLDVIEW.

According to Wikipedia Free Dictionary, WORLDVIEW is “The framework of ideas and beliefs forming a global description through which an individual, group or culture watches and interprets the world and interacts with it”.

The culture that forms MY WORLDVIEW puts a high priority on being efficient, organized, and productive. We often value RESULTS over and above PEOPLE. Of course we embrace values such as humility, love, and patience, but to a much lesser degree. I think, in some ways, these values are viewed as weakness or superficial “fluffiness”.

Another subconscious assumption on my part and that of other North Americans, based on our WORLDVIEW, is that we with our superior knowledge and life experience will help the Pokomchi “move up” in the world. This time, I got put in my place! I was reminded that HOW we go about LIFE is more important than WHAT we accomplish in LIFE. I was taught a valuable life lesson which I hope I will not forget.

So, thank you, Pokomchi pastors, for giving my WORLDVIEW a firm TWEAK!

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