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Pizza Party

“Oh how beautiful it is to do nothing, and after that, to rest!”

I saw this quoted on a greeting card recently and it struck a chord in my innermost being. The ongoing tug and pull of “taking it easy” versus “being productive” continues to wreak havoc with my inner peace and joy. *Sigh*.

Speaking of taking it easy, on Easter Saturday, Bill, I, and our extended ASOSAP family – all 7 staff, all 5 nurses, plus various of their relatives and friends – gathered at the Shekinah Center for a vigorous day of productive activity. Babies were juggled; little kids tore around the place or played happily on a mat with a pile of toys donated from Canada. Oh, and the future ferocious watch dog of Shekinah Center, still an adorable people-loving puppy was part of our happy mix and muddle.

Starting at 8:30 in the morning, we chopped, mixed, sprinkled, sliced, measured, rolled, and patted. All this productivity was made sweeter by the great Christian music floating in the air like a pleasing aroma. We laughed, learned, and ate bread dripped with honey for our mid-morning coffee break. This last item is an Easter tradition among the Pokomchi.

WALAH! By 4:00 in the afternoon, we had 9 apple pies and 12 extra large pizzas ready to be consumed.  Huge buckets of vanilla ice cream were on standby in the freezer. What weary contentment as we munched our way through the fruits of our labors while watching a movie, to finish off the day! The movie was “The War Room”, an enthralling movie on the power and importance of prayer. So, come to think of it, our spirits were fed just as much as our bodies. Cool!

I learned a surprising lesson that day. Taking it easy – relaxing and unwinding – can be and often IS achieved by being productive .

Now THERE is food for thought…. (Check out the photos)

Pizza Party 01 Pizza Party 02 Pizza Party 03 Pizza Party 05 Pizza Party 06

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