News from the Edge

Testimonies of God’s Love and Care

Below, we have four testimonies, one each from programs of our four main areas of ministry: Integrated Community Health, Gospel Outreach & Christian Education, Integrated Community Development, and Capacity Building & Empowerment.

Medical Outreach:

Our first testimony comes a 29-year-old man who suffered a motorcycle accident, which left him with chronic pain and a disfigured face. Local hospitals couldn’t fix this, but Dr. Michael and Dr. Eric were able to do a delicate facial surgery that changed everything. Hear from him below:

“They decided that they could operate on my face. When they told me that, I didn’t doubt that they could and told them yes, that they could do what they considered necessary with me. I felt very happy. I trusted God and the doctors with this situation.

They did the surgery that day. They told me that they took out a piece of metal that was hurting my eye, repaired my eye lid, and revised the scar on my face. I was very anxious to look at myself in the mirror. Before, I didn’t look at myself in the mirror as it scared me seeing my face. When they showed me the results of the surgery that they did, I saw that it was a big change. Now I can close both eyes when I go to sleep, before my injured eye stayed open when I slept, and it hurt a lot. They improved the appearance of the scar on my face.

I don’t have the words to express how I feel. The doctors are like two angels who came to help me during one of the most difficult times of my life. Before, I had isolated myself in my home for 9 months. I didn’t work. I didn’t want to be alive. My family had to take care of us. Now, I go to work and go about my life without worry or shame. I thank the doctors for this.

Thank you to everyone involved and to the doctors who examined me. They brought back peace and calm to my life. I’m very happy for who I am now.”

Pastoral Couples Conference:

Hear from one of the pastors who attended the conference:

First, I thank God, next the conference speakers, and ASOSAP for the great effort you make so that we are all well and comfortable here at the Shekinah Center. You treat us as if we were part of your family. You provide us with a healthy environment, and we feel loved and cared for by all of you.

As a pastor, I am involved in many activities and have many responsibilities. Often, I feel tired, sick, or stressed. Being here for these days, I feel peace and calm. I’m very happy spending time with other pastors and sharing our experiences. This encourages us and strengthens us to continue in the work in which God has placed us in.

Community Education:

Hear from a woman who attends the education in our partner village of San Lucas:

“We have lived in this community for 20 years and all that time we have walked 1 hour to get water for drinking and our personal use. All of my daughters and I go to the natural spring to wash our clothing. Because of the shortage of water, we only bathed 3 times/week. We couldn’t bathe ourselves daily because we suffered so much in obtaining water. My husband works planting black beans, corn, and other crops. When he goes to work with other families in the community, he is paid 60Q ($8) /day. We use this money to buy food to make our meals. Every day it is more difficult for us to purchase what we need due to the increasing food costs. Two of my younger sons are 14 and 16 years old and must work to help us with the money we need as a family.

I started to attend the ASOSAP education sessions. I learned that I should have a clean home and bathe myself every day, but I couldn’t do this because I didn’t have enough water close to my house. They came to visit me in my home and became aware of my situation. They gave me a ray of hope when they told me that I would receive a water tank. I was very happy to receive this news, but at the same time I was unsure. Many organizations have come to my community promising projects, but they didn’t give me anything. A short time later ASOSAP delivered the materials for my project. This inspired me to trust ASOSAP more. I was very excited to receive everything they gave me, and they finished building my project.

I’m very content and grateful to the organization, they kept their promise of giving me a project. Now it is my turn to apply what I have learned, to keep my house clean and bathe myself and my children. I no longer must walk very far to obtain water, because I now have water close to my house. I don’t have the words to thank you for what you have done for me.”


Hear from a PokoMaya Artisan:

“Thank you to each one of you for supporting me in being part of PokoMaya. Through this I have obtained knowledge. I have learned many things, such as: how to run a sewing machine, weave, embroider, crochet, and make artisanal soap. Through this I have been able to help my parents and siblings in putting food on the table. I have also shared what I have learned with my family. 4 people in my family have learned how to use a sewing machine and 2 of my sisters have learned to weave, which helps to support our family financially. 

 This year I had a beautiful experience in which ASOSAP gave me the opportunity to participate in a computer course. I have never had this opportunity. I learned the basics in running a computer, but I am interested in continuing to learn. This way I can use technology to let others know about the products I make and what I do as an artisan. I’m very grateful to have been involved in other activities such as the artisanal fairs and soap making workshop. Thank you for these opportunities.”




You have been so faithful in your partnership with the Pokomchi people, and we hope you have been encouraged hearing the incredible impact of this partnership!