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The Impact of Medical Outreach

The creation of a formal ASOSAP medical program, including chronic patient care, and once or twice-yearly medical outreach started from a divine appointment between Bill, Linda and Dr. Michael. Their meeting in 2008 in Guatemala was unexpected, out of nowhere, but we believe it was from God. This relationship lasted over these 14 years, and much fruit has resulted.

Bill, Linda, and, Dr. Michael, February 2023

An example of this fruit is all the nurses that have been empowered.

“ASOSAP took on supporting the education of probably 20 or more nursing students, who were clinically mentored, not only during my visits, but also by the more senior of its nurses who had likewise learned during our years of working together. Two of those nurses are now the first-rate healthcare providers at the ASOSAP health posts in Pampacche and Providencia. Others among those student nurses would move onto positions in other communities.” Dr. Michael Polifka


This mentoring is the main purpose of Dr. Michael’s partnership. It results in Pokomchi villagers receiving high quality health care and living stable and fulfilled lives.

Nurses Education

Let’s go on a medical outreach journey together through photos and text. The main part of this year’s visit was the monitoring of the chronic patient program. See some snapshots, how lives were impacted, and see the faces of those who have been helped. Each life matters and every success is a joy and reward for the ASOSAP team and Dr. Michael. Above all, we know that every triumph belongs to God and we give Him the glory. He is the one bringing us into contact with those who need healing and giving us the capacity to learn and treat successfully.

This is the face of one of the many chronic patients whose life has been changed. She was diagnosed with Diabetes and now is thriving under treatment.