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What does ASOSAP do when there are no international teams in country?

We are frequently asked this question, so for this Frontline News and the next several, I will share with you first-hand accounts of how our ASOSAP team keeps busy in all the “in between team times”.

Nurse Conzuelo, Coordinator of ASOSAP Health Program, reports:



Nurse Alicia from our Pampacche Health Post notified me of 6-month-old Baby Walter who lived in the nearby community of Wachqoob. He had a cleft lip and cleft palate, and although he had been born a normal weight, he was now losing weight because he couldn’t properly nurse at his mother’s breast.

I managed to contact and coordinate with an organization that does this kind of surgery in Antigua, Guatemala. Walter was evaluated by them and accepted for surgery. Also, ASOSAP and the surgical organization collaborated to provide him with baby formula and a special nipple so that he could regain weight and be healthy and strong enough for the surgery.

Walter’s mother was a single parent living with her father. Unfortunately, with everything in place for Walter’s surgery, his grandfather absolutely refused to let his daughter take Walter to Antigua and have the surgery. He said, “This is the way he was born and this is the way he will die. It’s God’s will”. We tried to reason with the grandfather but he wouldn’t change his mind. Finally, Walter’s mother decided to disobey her father and she took Walter to Antigua for the operation, with funds donated by ASOSAP and the surgical organization. After 2 weeks she and Walter returned home to their village. The operation had been a big success!

When Walter’s grandfather beheld him looking so beautiful and whole, he was amazed! He then asked for forgiveness for his negative attitude and vowed from then on to help take care of his grandson Walter as he grew up.

ASOSAP is always looking out for the well-being of others. Our biggest satisfaction is to see people in need, SMILE!

Walter with just a glimpse of his mother’s BIG SMILE

Walter with just a glimpse of his mother’s BIG SMILE

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