News from the Edge

A Year in Review

2018 was an amazing time in partnership with the Pokomchi people! When we look back, there is a lot to be thankful for! So, let’s recall some highlights and celebrate together! We also will share a glimpse of 2019 plans with you!


15 communities were served through the Pampacche and Providenica Health Posts. Our Pokomchi nurses have seen thousands of patients. Through their knowledge and skills in attending acute and chronic needs, many lives were saved. In particular, the infant malnutrition program has prevented infant death and given hope to parents. Excellent care of pregnant women, during deliveries, and postpartum care has maintained a zero maternal death rate within those we work with. Through education sessions, they also empowered women and their families to take more control of their health. It has been especially exciting to see men interested in learning about how to support their wives during pregnancy and then getting involved. The two medical outreaches held this year visited 9 communities. The doctors, nurses, and ASOSAP staff worked together to provide health care right in patients’ communities, especially in more remote ones. We continue to be thrilled of the addition of a new doctor who specializes in pediatrics. The patients and nurses benefit greatly from the experience of both doctors, who partner with ASOSAP in providing medical care and nurse education/mentorship. There will be two medical outreaches again this year! Also, in the summer outreach, our medical director will be joined by the pediatrician and an oral surgeon who will do much needed dental care! In addition, the new fluoride application program, which includes dental care education, will start in February in the community of Panhux.

Community Development 

Partnership with 4 villages: Cerro Verde, Mexabaj, Panhux, and Rosario Italia, has been ongoing. Rosario Italia especially came together and partnered with us in the completion of the improved cook stove project through the installation of 36 stoves and water filters. In total, 142 women have received health and Bible education, and have used this new knowledge to make positive changes in their families. Husbands and wives are working together to improve life quality for the whole family and secure better futures for their children. They also have grown in their relationships with God and are learning to lead their families. The work will continue next year with all the communities except Mexabaj, as their 7-year partnership finished. Seeds have been sown there, and we are confident that the work in them will continue. We look forward to further shared time and growth in the communities this year!

International Teams

This year, we had two teams visit! A team from Clearwater, BC came on a vision trip and learned first-hand about the Pokomchi and how Hope of the Pokomchi comes alongside them in various ways. A team from Texas also came! They lived and worked in the community of Cerro Verde. 11 latrines, 4 water tanks, and 2 cook stoves were built, which means many lives changed! With both teams, it was amazing to see them build relationships with the Pokomchi through working alongside them, visiting them, and praying with them. There was lots of joy through this! For 2019 we have three teams confirmed and also two possible teams. We are excited to have them in country!

Serving with Love

This three-year conference for nurses and church leaders ended this year. They learned about many health and Biblical topics that have transformed their spiritual and work lives. They now know that they should first seek God, love and take care of themselves, love their family, and with this same love, serve their neighbor. They understand that when they have God in their lives, this helps them to have good interpersonal relationships, patience, and tolerance for their co-workers and patients.  They are now caring for others out of love, not obligation. As Serving with Love has finished, the next conference in 2019 will be for pastors, church leaders and their wives and the topic will be healthy marriages! Also in regard to education, the 2-year Diploma in Theology program for pastors and church leaders will start this year!

Building My Horizon

BMH had a great second year! A lot happened in the lives of these 40 children! God’s Word was sown in each heart! Their Biblical knowledge increased, and they memorized three or more Bible verses. They are more aware of what is right and wrong. 70% of them shared the Gospel with a school friend though the giving of the Gospel bracelet. They did garbage clean up and learned to classify organic/inorganic garbage which contributes to environmental care. They learned about giving and gave generously to other children and families in need. They gained new skills with computers and typewriting which further prepares them in their school work and futures. They are more self-confident in participating and expressing themselves in public. We and their parents are so pleased with their growth! This year Building My Horizon will continue! They will have a devotional time, learn more about computers, and for the first time at BMH, English!