News from the Edge

Further Look Into 2023 

Female Youth Sexual Health Education Participant:

“They taught us health topics and gave us advice. This will help us make good life decisions. If we don’t follow this advice, we risk getting pregnant at a young age and we won’t be able to fulfill our dreams. I want to fulfill my dream of becoming a neurosurgeon.” 

Adela, Community Education Participant:

“My house is on a mountainside and every day I walked 45 minutes to get a small container of water. I started at 3am and was only able to manage 5 trips. I was so tired afterwards and couldn’t do more. This water is just for drinking. To wash our clothes, I had to take them to the natural spring, wash them there, and then bring them back to my house.

This year I received a water tank. It has been a huge help to me. I feel happy, calm, and without worries as I have access to water close to my home. My children can drink clean water and have good personal hygiene.” 

Pastor Attendee of Pastoral Couples Conference:

“I’ve never participated in a conference that shared about sexuality. The topic surprised me, but at the same time I realized the importance of acquiring new knowledge in this area.

In my time, nobody talked to us about family planning and for this reason I now have a large family. It’s never too late to learn. I’ll teach my children, grandchildren, and especially the church about this. 

I’m very satisfied with what I learned. It will help me to confidently face various situations as I do God’s work, such as advising married couples. All of this always with God’s help.”  

Pastor Antonio – Education Sponsorship Recipient

“I thank God and those who donated for the ability to continue in my education. I’m committed to learning and doing well. Finishing high school is a huge blessing for my life. It will allow me to continue studying as a pastor and will bless my pastoral ministry.”