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November 2023 Newsletter – BMH: Happiness in New Opportunities

Happiness and Gratefulness

This was the recurring theme that the BMH children and their mothers expressed when commenting on the program. What the children learned had a domino effect on their families and teachers as they shared their new knowledge and experience. Many mothers cannot read and write so seeing their children blossom with new knowledge and skills – opportunities they never had – gives them much joy.

Let’s look at what has been happening in BMH since the last update and see why there is so much happiness and gratefulness.

Parents’ Five-hour Education Session with Pastor Antionio:

Theme taught: Sexual health in Marriage and Adolescence

  • Parents commented that it is hard for them to teach their children this as they weren’t taught at home due to cultural taboos, but that they realize the importance of doing this. They are committed to try.

Key points:

  • Sex in marriage is a gift from God designed for enjoyment, companionship, and child-bearing
  • Men and women are different; for harmony, it is important to recognize and respect these differences
  • Adolescents must be taught the Biblical principles of sexuality as they are faced with much pressure from the secular world
  • Sex education should be taught by parents, without embarrassment or confusion
  • Risks that teens face – STD’s, pregnancy, lack of focus on education, porn use, anxiety, suicide, and depression.


Computer Science Classes

Gives the rural students a unique opportunity, one that they otherwise wouldn’t receive, as their parents don’t have the financial resources to provide this education. They can now do their homework at internet cafes without asking the employees to help them or do the work for them.

“I loved everything I learned here. They taught us English, Computer Sciences, and Bible. It’s a beautiful experience being here and learning. Everything was great.” – BMH Student

Of the twenty-two beginners, sixteen had never touched a computer before and they all:

  • Learned the basic parts and functions of the computer
  • Are now able to use a computer for school homework and projects
  • Are passing along this new knowledge to their siblings
  • Initially shy, they now have confidence
  • The younger children who initially had trouble with the alphabet, now know the alphabet better

The novice group:

  • Reviewed what they previously learned as beginners
  • Learned new skills, such as Excel and making PowerPoint presentations

English Classes

“I liked being here. I learned about English, Computer Sciences, and the Bible. Being able to speak English helps to be able to travel to different countries.” – BMH Student 

The Goals:

  • Give the children some basics so they can converse with an English speaker
  • Build vocabulary by teaching them basic phrases, words, and verbs
  • Give them confidence

Techniques Used:

  • Practice speaking in individual or small groups
  • Games and crafts using spoken and written English
  • Workbooks created by ASOSAP which they can take home and use as a resource

Results seen:

  • Excitement and enthusiasm in learning
  • Built confidence in them
  • They shared their new Knowledge with teachers, classmates, and families
  • Continue to build their English skills year after year

Bible Classes

‘Heros of Faith’ from the Bible, was this year’s theme. They learned Bible stories and Bible verses and shared them with their families.

Some of the Bible Hero Stories taught:

  • Jonah and Noe
  • Peter, Paul, and Silas praising God while in prison

Life Applications learned:

  • How to make better decisions
  • Recognize their errors and correct them
  • Ask for forgiveness and try not to repeat their errors
  • The importance of obeying God, the consequences of disobedience, and how to return to obedience
  • Values of responsibility, respect, and honesty
  • The importance of salvation through accepting Jesus, and being in a personal relationship with God
  • God never leaves them; they can trust in Him in all situations

“Thank you for everything you’ve given me. I want to continue next year to keep learning and continue in God’s Word. I’ll keep learning English as it’ll be useful one day in my future”. -BMH Student

“Thank you for being there for the children. I like that my daughter is studying here. She has told me that she likes coming to class and being able to learn so much. She wants to continue learning all the subjects.  May God bless the lives of all those who work with ASOSAP.” – BMH Mother

Your prayers and financial support strengthen us and make this life-changing program possible. We of ASOSAP, the children, and their parents thank you and look forward to what is in store next year for BMH!