News from the Edge

October 2023 Newsletter: Deepening Ministry Connections

Normally two or three staff members visit the States to attend our annual board meeting, to connect with ministry partners, and to raise funds for ASOSAP. This year we were able to do an additional trip. Our goal was to encourage a newer partner church who will be sending a mission team down to Guatemala in 2024. They will help the villagers build water tanks and latrines. It’ll be their first time. As one of the main goals of a mission trip is to “build relationships with the Pokomchí and fellow team members”, it was a great chance to start doing this before even hitting Guatemalan soil.

Rebekah and Conzuelo on their way to California

These were the goals for the visit –

  • Explain to the church congregation what a mission trip with ASOSAP is like
  • Relate how important and needed the projects are for the Pokomchi
  • Emphasize the importance of Jesus’ love – showing it and receiving it
  • Talk about building relationships – with their team members, the ASOSAP staff, and the villagers
  • Share some ideas about how the church could support the team through fundraising and prayer

These are how we accomplished the goals –

  • Conzuelo and Rebekah spoke during the church service
  • A mission team video was shown
  • A luncheon was served after the church service

In the team leader’s words: “The luncheon we had at our church was a huge success. Everyone loved it and we raised over $1300.”

The meal consisted of traditional Guatemalan food prepared by Conzuelo and Rebekah with lots of help from members of the church. The menu was chiles rellenos, served with rice and black beans. The dessert was “yuca en panela” (cassava root in brown sugar). The beverages were two traditional teas – black tea with cinnamon and lemon grass, and a tea made from the hibiscus flower.

It was a lot of work – all day Saturday and then Sunday morning. But well worth it! Conzuelo and Rebekah got to know some of the team members, bonded, and laughed a lot. The work felt lighter as they all pitched in together.

During the luncheon, they were able to chat with lots of folks. They answered questions about life in Guatemala and about the upcoming team trip. Having the church understand the mission trip, be on board and excited about the trip, and supporting the team like this was a huge goal accomplished! For Conzuelo and Rebekah, it was a privilege and joy.

We always look forward to having teams in-country. How special it was to get to know some of the team members beforehand! This will further enrich the time in Guatemala for all of us.

We thank God that we can form relationships like this. It unites us all as we serve the Pokomchi people. We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into this important area of ASOSAP ministry. We ask for your prayers for this team and other teams who will be coming to Guatemala next year.

Would like to bring a team down? Would you like to fundraise for a mission trip or other ASOSAP project? Would you like to know more about our ministry? If so, let us know and, as God allows, we’d love to see if we could make a visit to your church or group.