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PokoMaya Sewing Workshop

Empowering the Women of PokoMaya

The ladies of ASOSAP’s artisanal women’s group, PokoMaya, are currently enjoying learning machine sewing skills through this workshop. Through these sewing classes the women will have increased abilities in their work. We hope as well that the they will be even more inspired as they create items from traditional cloth and recycled materials. This project furthers PokoMaya’s vision to provide a fair and consistent income to Pokomchi families and share Pokomchi culture.

Volunteer Lynette is teaching the workshop, in partnership with Sonia from ASOSAP.  The classes are once/week for 3 hours and for 5 months! Seven women, with varying ages, from various Pokomchi villages are participating. The classes are divided into two groups, beginners and professionals. There are 4 ladies who haven´t used a sewing machine before and 3 ladies who have a lot of sewing experience.

The beginners are learning how to operate and care for a sewing machine, fundamental sewing techniques, and will have various projects to practice these skills, such as small purses and pin cushions. All on a treadle sewing machine, which requires good dexterity! The professionals are working with patterns and learning how to adjust them according to size. They are also learning more about selection of fabric, color combination, and will have projects, such as a blouse. At the end, they will each design a new PokoMaya product as well.

Having this workshop is a dream come true!  The ladies hoped to have an opportunity exactly like this. They are all enthusiastic, determined, and are learning quickly!

The women also have bible time during the classes. In the group are believers and non-believers. It a great opportunity to learn more about God and have encounters with Him. Please keep these women in prayer, that they would come to know Jesus as their Savior and grow in their faith.