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The Beautiful Story of Belinda

Let me tell you the story behind the beautiful transformation of Belinda, tell you about the chain of events and the people who are the life-saving links in that chain.

Better yet, let me show you…

Janine Marek, in Alberta, Canada, in 2015 sprang into action when she heard that Rafael, on the right, was struggling with finances to finish nurses’ training in Guatemala. Within 2 ½ months she had raised enough funds for him to finish and graduate with high marks.

Rafael, with the help of ASOSAP, started working in a small clinic way up in the mountains in his home village of Navidad. Navidad is 3 hours by truck on a rugged dirt road from the nearest hospital and 3 hours by foot from the nearest health post so his services as a nurse were a God-send to the villagers in the area.

Meanwhile, a woman in Navidad gave birth to twins.

Baby Belinda in Februray 2016, one month old, and weighing 3 lbs.

Being chronically malnourished she had enough maternal milk for one of the twins but not for both, so she gave the other twin, Belinda, sweetened coffee or corn water which resulted in Belinda
becoming severely malnourished and full of infection. When Rafael discovered the dire situation, he sprang into action and had Belinda transferred to the hospital and contacted ASOSAP.


Baby Belinda in February 2017, 13 months old, and weighing 17 lbs.

Once Belinda was able to go back home to her mountain village, ASOSAP, with Rafael supervising, enrolled Belinda in
their Malnourished infant Rescue Program, supplying her mom with formula and teaching. And Volia! Belinda is alive and thriving!


The moral of the story? In life we never know when we do an act of kindness what chain of events we may set in motion
and how far goodness and blessings will reach because of it.

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