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Linda and the Clearwater team on a hill overlooking San Cristobal


Had an amazing journey, so glad I went!  -Team member-


If you haven’t been on a vision trip with ASOSAP, you may be asking the following:


The purpose of this trip is to see and experience firsthand how God works through ASOSAP, amongst the Pokomchi people of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. This in country time challenges and inspires participants to evaluate how they can be involved with ASOSAP.

As relationships were formed and lives shared in rural Guatemala, the ministry of ASOSAP became tangible and clear. Each of us came away inwardly changed and blessed. -Team member-


This March.16th – 24th, a 6 person team lived life with us. The church in Clearwater, BC, Canada is ASOSAP’S sending church. It was a joy to have the new pastor and his wife, and two couples from the church here and see them learn about Pokomchi life and how ASOSAP functions. Travel time aside, they had 5 full days of new experiences. They were presented with an overview of ASOSAP programs and then started their journey throughout the surrounding villages of San Cristobal.

Mountain villages perched amidst the corn crops and jungle covered peaks of central Guatemala towered over us as we bumped up and down dusty dirt roads to meet the people of the Pokomchi, descendants of the Mayans. Climbing out of the cab and from the open back of the pick-up truck we were warmly welcomed by villagers who were honored we had taken time from our lives to come and meet them… We found ourselves immersed in an overwhelming journey of hearing how the ministry had changed lives. From village to village we travelled and heard firsthand accounts of how lives had improved. -Team member experience-


In the villages, they sat in on a community education session and blessed participants with individual prayer. They visited families with projects (latrines, water collection tanks, improved cook stoves, and water filters). They also saw the need of families currently waiting for projects. They were invited into the homes of chronic patients, PokoMaya artisans, and of a patient in the Infant Malnutrition Program. They toured the health posts and met the ASOSAP nurses. They spent laughter filled time with the Pokomchi as they tried traditional methods of making maguey rope, carrying water and firewood, planting corn, grinding corn, and making tortillas. They went to 6 rural villages where ASOSAP works and were greatly affected by each visit!

Time with a PokoMaya artisan, cultural activities, and visiting a family with a project


Team members also attended a Pokomchi church service and had communion, followed by the washing of feet as Jesus did for the disciples. They enjoyed meeting and sharing time with the teacher and children of Building My Horizon during a special event. Throughout the day and evenings there were opportunities to get to know ASOSAP staff. It was a life changing experience!

We invite you to learn more by hearing directly from them, through their testimonies! You’ve already read some testimonies, but there are more! See below!

The vision tour gives an interested church the opportunity to see for themselves the intricacies of the ministry and its multi-faceted outreach.  For the church already supporting the work it is an affirmation that ASOSAP is a very well rounded, scripture based ministry making a difference in the lives of the Pokomchi people.


Team member testimonies


Team member testimonies continued


I ABSOLUTLY recommend coming on a vision trip!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe there is no greater joy ever experienced then seeing God at work through His people, and lives being changed for His Glory.


Would you like to come on a vision trip? Let us know, we would LOVE to have you here with us!!